Wiring a home or business is crucial to how your data gets from point a to b. In the age of wireless networking people tend to forget how important hard wiring is. The truth is, wireless networking is nearly always more expensive than wired networking and it isn't nearly as fast or reliable and there is no good solution for wireless video or sound. Our services include wiring for networks as well as video and sound. We emphasis structured wiring for audio/video media and networking. Structured wiring gives you a ‘fuse box’ for all of your phone, networking, and audio/video equipment. It makes changing and adding things down the road much easier, and gives you complete control of what information goes where.

We will wire your new home or business for cable or satellite, networking, phones, whole house sound, surround sound, security cameras, nanny cameras, and much more. Prices for new home wiring varies from one installation to the other depending on the detail of the job. Call today for a consultation and quote.

We can also add wires to existing homes or businesses in most cases. Give us a call and we will come take a look.

Our wiring services include:

  • Structured wiring for new homes
  • Whole house sound
  • Cable or Satellite pre-wiring
  • Network pre-wiring
  • Phone system pre-wire
  • Security, nanny, or pet cameras
  • Surround sound pre-wiring